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Hydrostatic Tester

Intelligent Solution

  • Color Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Consistent Pressure
  • Pneumatic Clamping
  • Simple to Use
  • Good for All Fabric
  • PLC Controlle
  • Multi-unit Display (bar,psi,kgf/cm2,mm H2O,MPa)
  • Trend display

Highlighting Features

  • Adjustable In/out Water Flow Rate
  • Water Temperature High Alarm
  • Quick Release Pneumatic Clamp
  • Direct Pressure Read Out
  • Recycling Water Supply
  • Slant Test Platform
  • Self Locking Mode
  • Digital Timer



Our technology for a better world is way we work at H&H. We reserve the right to modify the machines without prior intimation.

CS-651 discontinued model