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The company was established in 1993, and hence we have over 24 years of experience for thermoplastic technology on seam sealing and adhesive film applications. We are specialise in thermoplastic technology for sew free production. Use of adhesive and Waterproof technology for manufacturing of clothings, bags, shoes, material for medicals, tents and gloves etc. Are priority in our mind… that include waterproof seam sealing, sew free pocket adhesive, zipper bonding, front zip sealing, fabric joining, line bonding, overlay taping, and also adhesive backing for woven label and embroidery… We can offer consultant support depends on the situation of customers. Now, we have several hundred customers and installation sites all over the world.



For ease of machine we have our factory in China. Normal lead-time is around 1-6 weeks. Some specialised manufacturing may take a little more. QC is strictly adhered at each stage of manufacture. With a work force of 60+ employees our work area is 50000 sft.



We deliver tailor-made solutions to our customers demanding quality. We provide help from application engineering and manufacturing point of view. We serve our esteemed customers even who are pioneers in their areas of business. Manufacturing processes with futuristic trends are becoming ever more challenging in present time. New knowledge in this field will aid in the advancement of various technologies that would be needed to achieve industrial competitiveness. Comprehensive and up-to-date, precision Engineering is cross-disciplinary. It deals with metrology, materials,



Our highly-trained Support Team knows how to determine the source of an issue precisely and real fast. Then its objective is to provide focused service in resolving it as quickly as possible. In short, their job is to make sure you can do your job without irritating interruptions. Our support-service processes include Issue Resolution and Escalation procedures as well. The Post-Resolution Follow-Ups ensures that our remedy met your expectations.